Merlot 2016


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A ruby red colour with an essence of black cherry, dates, vanilla and plum. The palate enjoys plum, fig, cherry and a beautiful presence of spice. The long finish clings to your palate and won’t let go. You had me at Merlot!

Food Pairing: Lamb Shanks, Mushroom Risotto, Chocolate Fondue

Technical Notes:

Thoughts steeped in the fascination of architecture. So it is with our many levels of Merlot. There comes a great satisfaction in seeing what your mind perceives become reality. The great architects like Leonardo di Vinci had vision to dream and create what others said would not be possible. Our Merlot has that same complexity that attracted me to its character.

Varietal(s): 100% Merlot
Style: Appassimento made with 80% dried fruit
Alcohol: 16.0%
Acidity: 0.87 g/L
Residual Sugar: 6.4 g/L (Sugar Code 0)
Appellation: VQA Niagara Peninsula VQA

The Label:

Nicolas Colaneri loves to create images and drawings and see them come to fruition.
He has been perceived as contemplating over the drawings he has before him with the model in his hand.
There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes from envisioning a project and building it with your own
hands. There is a wine glass in the background filled with Merlot for inspiration. He has an admiration for the
“Wolverine” character so our designer gave him a “wolverine” beard. The trademark claw marks on the wall
behind him show how he lets out his frustrations.