Winding Through Winemaking

Art? Science? What is winemaking truly about? This seminar will take you on an adventure from the juice of beautiful grapes to the complex and delicious wines you have come to know. From fermentation to lab work to bottling and everything in between, each aspect of winemaking will be investigated as you become a winemaker for the day. Sip on wines that have just started this process, half way through and those who have finished. You will even explore what we can do to tweak the wines!

Your Seminar Includes:

  • Tasting of 6 wines in varying stages of production
  • An interactive journey on how wines can be tweaked through sugar, acid, etc.
  • Explanation and demonstration of some lab work
  • A thorough dive into the details of wine making from juice to wine
  • Deeper appreciation of how wine is made!