Adopt A Vine

New Program

Welcome to the vineyard of possibilities! Dive into the world of wine with our thrilling new program: Adopt a Vine.  

Embark on a journey where each vine isn’t just a plant but a vibrant individual with its own distinctive name and personality traits. Adopt the plant that speaks to you and your interests, ensuring that your vineyard experience is as unique and personalized as you are. 


Your year-long journey begins with your first delivery which includes an adoption certificate, a picture of your vine with your name plaque displayed in the vineyard and four bottles of wine crafted from the same varietal as the plant you’ve adopted! 

Each shipment will also be packed with souvenirs and insightful information about your plant’s journey through the seasons. Detailing its progress from meticulous pruning to the eagerly awaited harvest. 

Visit The Wine Shop in the “Beyond the Bottle” Section for all the details and to find the perfect vine for you!    

If you would like to adopt a vine without receiving wine, please contact us for details! Please call 905.682.2100 or email  

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