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Coraggioso – “Bold”

Mike loves the bold full bodied flavour of the Cabernet Sauvignon. Mike is the strong silent type with a very predominant presence. He often feels that words are not necessary so when he does speak it is profound. He has endured the test of time and acquired the wisdom to know when to stand his ground. The bull symbolizes his characteristics very well. He is depicted as protecting his family in the background which he has and continues to do. There is a small bird in the left-hand corner that represents how his wife, Angie always lovingly called him her “piccione”.

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Cavallone – “Horse”

Angie’s mother gave her the nickname of “Cavallone”. We chose the Pinot Grigio for Angie because she loved things that were “different”. The peachy colour that the Pinot Grigio has truly makes it so. Horses were very highly revered in Italy so this was quite the compliment. Angie was a strong yet caring mother figure, very hardworking, dedicated, loyal, great endurance, perseverance all combined with a free spirit. Her two children are depicted on the horse’s back. Tara was not ready to let her mother go so she is tenderly yet firmly holding on to her. Michael is reaching to heaven for her. The rock below represents her husband Mike that she referred to affectionately as her “rock” that kept her firmly grounded.

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Mistera – “Mystery”

Betty chose the sweet, spicy aromatic Gewurztraminer as truly exciting. Betty has always enjoyed writing which is depicted by the plume pen and ink jar. She has always loved beautiful stories filled with romance, suspense, intrigue and adventure on their own or combined. The hint of these stories of passion is in the right hand corner where a couple is in such a pose. The mask enticingly portrays a touch of mystery and one of her favourite musicals, The Phantom of the Opera. The other passion that has been consistent in her life is music which is shown with music notes in the left hand corner.

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Paese – “Town”

A tribute to a wonderful humble town where it all began. The label has a picture of the actual home that belonged to the Colaneri Family where the sons were born. Frosolone in the region of Molise. A reminder to never forget the humble beginnings.

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Pensieri – “Thoughts”

Nicholas chose the Merlot because he felt it was complex like he was. Nicholas loves to create images and drawings and see them come to fruition. He has been perceived as contemplating over the drawings he has before him with the model in his hand. There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes from envisioning a project and building it with your own hands. There is wine glass in the background for filled with Merlot for inspiration. He has an admiration for the “Wolverine” character so our designer gave him a “wolverine” beard. The trademark claw marks on the wall behind him show how he lets out his frustrations.

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Stellucha – “Little Star”

Tara chose the Riesling because of the minerality that it is known for. It appealed to her inner strength. Tara has always had a love for dancing and has had the opportunity to win in the many Latin competitions she has entered. The dance pose on the label was perfect for her as she looks over her shoulder envisioning her mother watching over her. Her mother’s profile is subtly placed among the stars in the left hand corner eternally gazing with pride from heaven. Tara is dancing under the blue hue of the night sky among the stars. Ever since Tara was born she was her mother’s shining star.

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Unita – “Unity”

Michael tasted the full bodied flavour of the Cabernet Franc for the first time and knew “this is the one”. One of Michael’s favourite memories was having meals with the whole family. Nonna had lovingly prepared the food with great anticipation of the Sunday gathering. Generations gathered around the table in a time when the best stories and memories were shared amid laughter and tears. The open door in the background symbolizes that all are welcome to participate. Michael has always loved that tradition and family bond that he makes sure still continues today. The gift of time together is what he cherishes.

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Virtuoso – “Virtuoso”

Christopher chose the Pinot Noir because he felt it “entertained” the senses. Christopher is the entertainer of the family with great presence that attracts any crowd. Playing the piano, guitar and singing has been one of his loves for most of his life. That he can share his talents and entertain others brings him great joy. He has always felt that music can set the perfect atmosphere for whatever the occasion and nothing can touch the soul like a song that is played with passion. He is depicted as performing with people dancing in the background. The red colour is his favourite that expresses his love of life and enjoying the fun that it can hold.

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Visione – “Visionary”

Nick chose the Syrah for the distinct white pepper flavour and aroma that it possesses. Nick has always loved Eagles and all that they represent. They have such a distinctive aristocratic appearance showing strength with their wings spread signifying protection. Eagles have excellent vision and patience. The Eagle has a vine branch in his mouth as he soars over the vineyard below. It seemed very appropriate to symbolize Nick in this way. A visionary of all the possibilities that the future can hold as well as the protector that oversees all the day to day operations of the vineyard and winery.

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Corposo – “Body”

Used by our fathers and forefathers to press the grapes. The same press that Joseph Colaneri used to make his own homemade wine is depicted on the label. Joseph used his full “body” to turn the press as hard as he could. He also wore a distinctive hat anytime he worked in the garden or on his favourite wine. We are honoured to have Papa Colaneri’s press and hat on site at the winery.

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Insieme – “Together”

Maria and Joseph Colaneri are depicted working in the vineyard in Italy. They always did everything together from work, to leisure, to caring for their children. Maria has Nick as a baby on her back with young Mike close by. Joseph is wearing his favourite hat that is on display at the winery.

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Fumoso Bianco – “Smokey White”

The smokey hints of this wine bring back the memories of the smoke rising from the hearth. Inside the Colaneri Family home, there was a hearth that Maria Colaneri used to bake bread on. The smoke from that hearth had a distinct smell that is embedded in the hearts of the family. The aroma of this wine brings those memories back and brings a smile to their faces.

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