A Love Story

Tradition and Family

Colaneri Love Story

Frosolone, Italy…

It was there in those humble beginnings that, a young man, Joseph Colaneri, set his sights on a beautiful woman, Maria from the same “paese”(hometown). She took one look at his blue eyes and curly hair and she was “Innamorato” (in love). We always got a chuckle over the fact Papa lost his hair shortly after they married in 1951. Thank goodness their marriage lasted a lot longer than his hair so the story could continue!

They were blessed with two sons, Michele (Mike) and Nicola (Nick). In 1967, the new world beckoned with possibilities, dreams and the promise of good things to come.

After many years of hard work and perseverance, the family acquired a 40 acre vineyard where Colaneri Estate Winery now stands. Ma and Papa Colaneri took great joy in tending to the vines all year long. There was a sense of peace and accomplishment in seeing the vines prosper under their care.

Mike and Nick married sisters, Angiolina (Angie) and Liberina (Betty) and all lived together on the vineyard. Later, with their children, Tara, Michael, Nicholas and Christopher, they continued to teach the importance of hard work and dedication. Those were difficult times, but some of the happiest as everyone was together.

The Colaneri Family today, is determined to do Joseph and Maria proud. It is in their honour and memory that we are inspired to continue the tradition that crossed the ocean to the new world. Da paese a nuovo mondo.

Tradition; the driving force of our passion for family, life and all it encompasses.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy our wines and experience the passion that went into the making of them.

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