Pairing Wines with Your Easter Dinner

A comprehensive Colaneri pairing Guide

Easter is the perfect time to bring family and friends together and share a delicious meal. Whether it is a family dinner or a festive party for friends, pairing the right wine with your perfect menu will make the occasion that much more exciting. 

If you are new to wine or just looking for the right wine and food pairings, this guide will help you discover which Colaneri wines are best when paired with your favourite Easter dishes!  

The Main Dishes  

Nothing says Easter quite like a traditional lamb roast. Lamb pairs well with a full-bodied red wine with strong tannins that complement the savoury flavours of the dish.

Colaneri’s Perfect Pairing: “Visione” Syrah  

The peppery notes and silky tannins of our Syrah will cut through the fattiness of the lamb and enhance the earthy flavours of the roast to create the ultimate marriage of flavours. 


If you are hoping to serve something a little lighter, a classic ham should make an appearance on your easter tables. When it comes to pairing wine with ham, it is easy to select a white wine. 

Colaneri’s Perfect Pairing: “Fumoso Bianco” Sauvignon Blanc  

This wine’s high acidity will cut through and perfectly complement the salt of a traditionally prepared ham. Furthermore, this Sauvignon Blanc will bring out those sweet, floral flavours of a honey-glazed ham or blend harmoniously with a smoked ham. 


The Side Dishes 

Your side dishes may not be the stars of the show, but they are an integral part of any great feast!  Vegetable-based dishes tend to pair best with a fresh and crisp white wine.   

Colaneri’s Perfect Pairing: “Allegria” White Blend  

Spring vegetables like asparagus or string beans can be tricky to match with a wine counterpart. But the Allegria thrives providing a refreshing contrast to the roasted flavours of the vegetables.    



 Sweet Treats 

Easter also tends to bring out a large variety of delectable treats to trap everyone who has a sweet tooth. But we also have a solution there! 

Who can say no to chocolate? After all, there’s no reason why kids should be the only ones to enjoy chocolate on Easter Day! 

Colaneri’s Perfect Pairing: “Unita” Cabernet Franc 

We recommend opting for dark chocolate eggs with this pairing. The wine’s fruit flavours, bold intensity and earthy characteristics make for a great combination to dance on your palate with the dark chocolates’ bitterness.   


If you plan to start the day off on the right rabbit’s foot, with an aromatic and fresh batch of Hot Cross Buns, it is a no-brainer to toast your hard work and successful baking with a sparkling wine! Some may call this the breakfast of Champions!  

Colaneri’s Perfect Pairing: “Sempre” Sparking wine 

The silky flavours of bread and butterscotch of both the sparkling wine and the buns result in a scrumptious yet elegant pairing. Our “Sempre” Sparkling Wine is the ideal wine to start any meal or occasion as it pairs with most appetizers and perfectly welcomes your guests. As an added bonus the delicate bubbles or “Mousse” act as palate cleansers before moving on to your next course. 



Now you have all the tools, and glasses, needed to plan the perfect Easter feast!
From the Colaneri Family to yours, Happy Easter or as we say in Italian…

Bouna Pasqua! 

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