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At Colaneri Estate Winery, we have a passion for producing premium wines that keep tradition alive but also embrace the new world techniques. Quality begins in our vineyard where vines are meticulously maintained, and bunches are thinned out on the vine to ensure incredible flavour profile and pristine fruit. Our grapes are hand harvested and placed onto racks in preparation for drying.


Many of our wines are produced in the “Appassimento” style which means “Wither”. It is a process which sees our grapes placed, in single layer, on drying racks and placed in a drying chamber to dehydrate.

This dehydration concentrates the unique varietal character, reduces the water content and produces a fuller-bodied and full flavoured wine.The percentage of the appassimento method varies from year to year and with each varietal.

We invite you to visit the winery to taste the difference passion makes or visit our shop to get our premium wines delivered to you.

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